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Transferability of Plans

Oftentimes a driver who has bought an extended automobile warrantee will have to transfer it for a number of reasons. Common reasons of doing so include: advertising the original vehicle, providing the vehicle to children, replacing the vehicle, and so on. What you would like to be sure is that your policy will in truth transfer to a new vehicle or owner in the even any of these possible situations may arise. A plan that isn't transferable is not worth the paper it is printed on.

The Auto Protect gives service agreement assurance to vehicles

Variety of coverage

The organization offers a wide variety of coverage options therefore you only pay for coverage you require.

Customizable plans

That they allow you to customise your plan to suit your unique needs.

Road Service

Auto Service Agency's arrangements incorporate free towing and every minute of every day roadside help.

Low deductibles

Their very own plans come with either low or no allowable so your out-of-pocket costs are minimal.

Best for

Great for New car owners, car owners, busy families and high-mileage drivers.

Cash back insurance

The 30-day cash back surety accompanies "no inquiries inquired.

About Us

The Auto Protection is a quick and simple route for car proprietors to discover genuine feelings of serenity with a service contract or upkeep arrangement for their vehicle. Most models are secured, and there are three levels of scope accessible: Driveline, Select and Supreme. You can ask for a quote with no commitment, and there is a 30-day cash back insurance on the off chance that you alter your opinion.